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ContractSifter is built for customers who want to sift their own contracts. Customers subscribe to ContractSifter annually or on a project basis. ContractSifter uses artificial intelligence – our “Sifters” – to help people read contracts faster. We give our customers a second set of eyes to find buried terms and conditions that they may miss in a contract. ContractSifter also helps teams clean their contract data affordably, quickly, and with high quality.


Each customer receives unlimited users and unlimited use of our Sifter Library.


Our ContractSifter customers may upload their own contracts in pdf or word format for sifting. LegalSifter will assist customers with bulk contract uploads.


After sifting key terms and conditions out of each contract, our customers may export their data into an Excel spreadsheet.


ContractSifter Service is a complete solution for those customers that do not have the capacity to sift their own contracts, sold on a project basis or in an annual subscription. Customers give us access to their contracts and tell us what they need to know. Our service partners, equipped with ContractSifter, complete the sifting. We return all of the information to our customer organized, cleaned, and free of duplicates. Oftentimes, we sift faster, cheaper, and with higher quality than our customers. Customers of ContractSifter Service never have the time to do this work.



Our customers select Sifters from our Sifter Library or fund new Sifters for their project or ongoing needs.


Our customers give us their contracts in paper, pdf, or word format.


Our service partners use ContractSifter to sift, clean, organize, and return our customer’s data.


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For a complete description of Amazon Web Services Security Processes, please see the following link – - and this white paper –

LegalSifter understands that the integrity and confidentiality of our customer's information are critical to their operations and our viability. We use multiple strategies to protect our customer's information, and we are improving our processes and tools to meet the ongoing and increasing demands of security. Our primary strategy is to deploy our technology on and with the full support of Amazon Web Services ("AWS") – – the global leader in the cloud services market.

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