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What you say when you need to read and absorb contracts faster

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"Sift it"

What we do to free people from contract fatigue


ContractSifter uses artificial intelligence – our “Sifters” – to help people read contracts faster. We give our customers a second set of eyes to find buried terms and conditions that they may miss in a contract. ContractSifter also helps teams clean their contract data affordably, quickly, and with high quality.

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ContractSifter is built for customers who want to sift their own contracts. With unlimited users and access to our ever-growing Sifter Library, ContractSifter customers subscribe to this software-as-a-service tool annually or on a project-by-project basis.

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ContractSifter Service

ContractSifter Service is a complete solution for customers who do not have the capacity to sift their own contracts. Customers give us their contracts and tell us what they need to know. Our service partners, equipped with ContractSifter, complete the sifting. We return your contract information cleaned, organized, and duplicate-free.

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Our customers use ContractSifter and its Sifters to solve the following problems:


Too Many Contracts to Read

Have too much to do, not enough time, and a limited budget?

Concerned About Risk

Concerned about hidden, unfavorable terms and conditions in contracts?

Short Notice Projects

Experience “drop everything” requests to read contracts in support of a commercial opportunity, M&A transaction, or regulation change?


Our machine learning algorithms: algorithms + people are stronger than either by themselves

"My firm needed to quickly extract a significant amount of specific language from a massive body of contracts, in very short order. LegalSifter compiled, scrubbed, organized, queried and displayed the required data with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy. All told, their fine work allowed us to complete a critical project, both far ahead of schedule and on budget. This would simply not have been possible without such a highly capable team and an amazingly robust tool."

- Jeff, Digital First Media

Customer Testimonial

Digital First Media, a newspaper and media company with 66M+ readers, hired LegalSifter to extract and organize their procurement contracts for their new contract management software solution. Empowered with ContractSifter, Wint & Kidd, one of our service partners, sifted and sorted nearly 1,000 contracts and over 22,000 fields of data in 15 days.


An understood document or contract


Contracts are the most important, most prolific documents in global commerce. They are also a source of pain and procrastination. They are hard to read; people miss things all the time.  Reading too many of them in one sitting makes one’s eyes bleed.


ContractSifter offers some relief with the help of artificial intelligence.

sift documents
sift documents
sift documents


Customers have reported that reading contracts with the help of ContractSifter often saves at least 25% of the time that it normally takes to understand a contract.


Machines do not tire or distract. Humans do. ContractSifter acts as a checklist to ensure the nothing is missed.


ContractSifter is inexpensive. Customers save money in the form of time, service fees, and minimized risk.

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